Learn to make such scrumptious videos, that people would not be able to stay away
Mobile Product Videography
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A week-long course for your blog or business
The speaker is Evgeny Tetenev, a video maker, SMM Agency owner, video creator for BMW, Green Milk, Bauer, etc.
7 lessons + 1 bonus video + certificate
Videos help increase sales by 10 times
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This course is perfect for
who want to make money off their pages, who look for new followers, wish to become more popular, reach wider audiences, and who want to create more engaging content
that wish to promote their products online, who want to catch the interest of the audiences, convert the subscribers into customers, and increase sales without extra advertising costs
who want to understand how to make “selling” videos, and who want to obtain new skills to make more than $300 each month
During the lessons you will

Learn what makes a good advertising video for social media 


See an example of a TERRIBLE product video


Learn how to set up the light to make the product look great


Learn to add special effects that will make the viewers’ mouths water


Create great content for your TikTok and Instagram profiles, for your Youtube blog, or an online store

What do we make product videos for?
For your blog
Create captivating videos for your page and increase the reach and reactions
For sales increase
Show the advantages of your products and increase sales and customers loyalty
For your income
Start making money shooting product videos
Video is more than just entertainment
According to Hubspot, more than 80% of traffic comes from video content in 2020

9 out of 10 people claim that videos influenced their decision to buy


2 out of 3 people are more likely to order the product if they watch a video about it


The videos are likely to go viral cause users enjoy sharing interesting and useful video content

Videos captivate attention cause the viewers easily get drawn into watching them

It’s a quick and easy way to get ahead of the competitors. Instead of talking too much about all the advanced equipment and high quality, it’s better to show all the advantages
The course offers 7 lessons that are 5 to 27 minutes long.
The videos are all to the point, so even the beginners will do great!
Lesson 1 - 4:58
Basics of Product videography. Four main peculiarities. Customers. How much videographers make.
Lesson 2 - 11:01
Workspace setup. Equipment: light, backdrop, devices, tripod. Where to get the equipment and what to replace it with. Why we don’t need a professional camera.
Lesson 3 - 16:48
The importance of light and special equipment. The way the light influences the perception of the product. The lesson covers four basic light schemes and special equipment.
Lesson 4 - 9:14
Angles and perspectives. Shot dynamics. Six ways we can make the camera move: zoom, rotation, circulation, moving along the axis, etc.
Lesson 5 - 7:47
Special effects involving water, fire, and smoke. How to create special effects for perfume, fruit, alcohol, sauce, steak, and lemonade ads.
Lesson 6 - 20:44
Timesaving techniques. Putting all the theory into practice: creation of an authentic video ad for a drink. The ad is going to be created using only a smartphone. It’s simply unbelievable!
Lesson 7 - 4:25
Lifehacks and tips for editing. The last lesson of the course that shows how to edit the video in the VN app. Ways to find and add the soundtrack and filters for the videos.
Bonus lesson - 4:35
A secret feature that would allow you to transfer your object to any location in the world without leaving your room: a desert, the far north, seaside, or anywhere else.
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A key to increase online sales and customer loyalty
A chance to make profit fast and to develop a personal brand
An insight of what makes a “selling” video
A video making skill that will stay with you forever
Course Instructor
Evgeny Tetenev
Professional video maker
Has created videos for ads and social media since 2016
Has made videos for BMW, Green Milk, Bauer, and other companies
Newton SMM Agency founder
Teaches courses and gives master classes on video making
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7 step-by-step lessons that last 5-7 minutes
Product Videography
Light, background, devices
Light set up and light schemes
Bonus lesson
30-Day 24/7 Access
Private chat group
Dynamics, angles and perspectives
Special effects for ads
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